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What promotional items are best for corporate events?

In today’s times, socializing has become a crucial part of any business. Even though everything is virtual now, you have to conduct face-to-face meetings to promote your business. Hence promotional marketing and live events are the most potent industry options for their marketing. However, what’s a big fancy event with no promotional gifts for the attendees. Promotional items are like a free long-term advertisement for the company. Every time people use the product in the future, it will remind them of your brand. And with a little smartness and creativity, these small promotional items can significantly affect your company’s marketing.

Since this trend has become so necessary now, everyone is applying this technique to their marketing. So it would be best if you thought out of the box so that you stand out from the rest. The promotional item you are choosing majorly depends on your kind of business, the industry, and definitely your customer base. Some things that you should consider while choosing the best promotional item for your company are:

  • Think of something that stands out from the crowd [corporate event organisers in chennai]: you wouldn’t want to invite a gathering of thousands of people and give them some useless piece of ornament which they are probably going to throw as soon as they leave the event. Think of something that people will use, like a phone charger.
  • Think of something that everyone will want to take part in [top corporate event management companies in chennai]: think of an item that will add utility to people’s lives or even draw people to your business. You can come out with offers and discount coupons so that people are motivated to go ahead and try your products.
  • A unique space to your brand [best corporate event organisers in chennai]: create an area that is different from the other brands to draw people’s attention. Get some feather banners, branded tents, etc., so that you can make your event attractive and engaging
  • Bring enough items for everyone [corporate event management companies in chennai]: sometimes, even after preparing for everything in advance, mistakes can happen. So remember to order enough things for all the people. Prepare how you are going to present the items and make sure no one leaves without the gifts.
  • Adding contact information [corporate event organizers in chennai]: your brand’s contact information is the most important thing on your promotional items. If you forget to list that info, people won’t have any way to get back with you later. Just adding as little as a hashtag or a website will also work.
  • Don’t opt for trash in the name of promo items [best corporate event organizer’s in chennai]: don’t opt for things like notepads, caps, pens as your promo items. Every other brand hands out these items these days because they are available cheaply and conveniently. But you don’t want convenience; you need to get something that will add value to your marketing. So go for better items, even if they feel a little expensive. 

Some examples of promo items that you can opt for are:

Face masks and sanitizer [corporate event organisers in chennai]: looking at the world’s condition today, face masks and sanitizers are an absolute must. You can get your brand printed on masks and sanitizer bottles. This is a brilliant marketing strategy without creating a hole in your pocket as it is so cost-effective.Pen drives [top corporate event management companies in chennai]: you can get USB drives custom branded anywhere these days. USB drives are the most popular promotional items at a corporate event as they are compact, useful, and extremely durable. You can preload your business catalog or videos in the flash drives to boost your business marketing for an added benefit.Conference bags [best corporate event organisers in chennai]:  bags are essential for everyone. From a student to an office person, everyone needs a backpack. Thus it makes for one of the best promotional items. The bag should be of a noble quality and comfortable enough. You can get the bags customized with your brand logo and contact information.Water Bottles [corporate event management companies in chennai]: just like a bag, bottles are used by everyone. And you can never have enough water bottles. So invest in some recyclable water bottles and get your design custom printed so that your attendees remember you every time they go to drink water.Mobile device charger [best corporate event organisers in chennai]: mobile chargers could be like a lifesaver for someone whose battery just died. So giving away free mobile chargers could be an excellent option, especially at a tech corporate event.Promotional kits [corporate event organisers in chennai]: instead of just one big item, you can create a kit that includes 3-4 small but necessary items for when a person is attending an event. You can curate the kit as you want. It can either comprise all tech-related things like pen, notepad, name tag, calendar, etc. Or you also create a kit which includes things like mints as a mouth freshener, pocket perfume, chapstick, wet wipes, etc. Don’t forget to customize all the things so that people know who to thank every time they take an item out to use it. Seasonal items [corporate event management companies in chennai]: by giving out seasonal items as your promotional items, you can create a variety along with the utility for the products. For a rainy period, you can give out an umbrella and raincoats. During summers, you can give out caps and wet wipes; for winters, you can go for customized gloves or scarves. People will definitely use these things.


We are sure you must have found something intriguing to opt for as your promotional item from the list. Whenever you want to get something as a giveaway, focus on the target audience of your event. Customizing your items even a little according to the attendees can affect their happiness. Choose things that are not just useful but also good to look at. Even if the product is helpful, but it doesn’t look right, there are chances that the person won’t end up using it in front of many people. Whereas if the product looks good, people who weren’t even invited to the event will get to know about your products, and that’s how word of mouth will come to work in your favor.

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