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Full Range of Work

Multiple services to suit your brand's need and objectives.

  • Event Conceptualization
  • Creative Direction
  • Define Objectives
  • Storytelling Strategy
  • Social Activations
  • Executive Support
  • Budget Management
  • Custom Builds
  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Scenic Design
  • Collateral
  • Environmental
  • Exhibit Displays
  • Logistics
  • Planing
  • Audio Visual
  • Lighting
  • Catering
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Transportation

OUR Services

Incredible Experience, Exceptional Results

Every event's success depends on the quality of experience that both the organizers and attendees perceive and in our team at Maze Events specialize providing such remarkable event. As one of the top event management companies in Chennai and Bangalore regions, we provide comprehensible event planning and management solutions for all your needs.

Whether it’s a family, corporate, exhibition, or conference, no matter the size of the event, Maze Events plans and organizes precisely and accordingly. As the best management in Chennai, we are delighted to have a track record of 100+ happy clients nationwide. Our event management company in Chennai was created by pairing together our passion for relationships and events. Our event organizers in Chennai and Bangalore regions bring a fresh, pleasant, and unique approach to the event management industry.

Explore Some of the Passion Below.

Corporate Events.

As the best event management company in Chennai, we have handled local, regional as well as international events of all sizes for many corporate and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). Introduce, promote and share your brand authority and credibility for your targeted clients and customers with some special care and instance.

Our event management in Chennai, Bangalore, or even across the nation handles everything from conceptualization for your corporate event to completion. Our best corporate event organizers in Chennai, Maze Events, can create a motivating and unforgettable experience for your company and guests.

Corporate Events Management
Corporate Events Management Services
Corporate Events Management Service Providers
Social Events Management
Corporate Events Management Services
Social Events Management Service Providers

Social Events.

“We Plan, You Celebrate” The perfect choice for your social events! Grab your chance to explore the real occasion of events and functions with our best event management company in Bangalore. So, take off your organizing responsibility burden, and let our event management company in Bangalore take care of all your needs.

From engagement parties to weddings, birthday parties to get together, college reunions to family parties, we are experts in delivering perfection. Maze Events, one of the best event organisers in Chennai, delivers virtual stories with full production, management, content creation, and technical support combined with the hospitality and engagement you expect from our events.

Virtual Events.

Don’t get daunted with the focal distance. And don’t lose your moment. Here’s the kicker! Your best event planner in Chennai, Maze Events, offers virtual/hybrid events that are totally different from traditional physical events.

Share the same sense through hassle-free and well-established virtual events through our virtual event management company in Chennai and Bangalore. Our event management in Bangalore focuses on ideating, planning, organizing, executing, and coordinating your entire virtual events within an affordable price range.

Virtual Events Management
Virtual Events Management Services
Virtual Events Management Service Providers
Brand Activation Management
Brand Activation Management Service Providers

Brand Activation.

Creating a brand with authentic and quality services/products is crucial for businesses to thrive financially in the field. However, creating an impression among your brand's audience is much more essential. So, let's make that possible. With our best event planners in Chennai, give your brand launch the attention it deserves with an unveiling that makes positive waves in the market.
What makes your launch so important? Because up to 95% of new packaged goods and consumer goods will be a failure. Additionally, there is a lot of noise outside due to the numerous things released on the market daily. The success of a product promotion and whether it becomes the next thing people "can't live without" depends on it.

Maze Events, the best event planners in Bangalore, can help ensure that things launch successfully rather than with the dreaded fizzle. Our corporate event organisers in Chennai understand how to create an event that is memorable and interesting while also customizing a message to an audience. Maze Events brand launch event management included stall installation, decoration, brand quotes, brand promotions, and the necessities for your needs.


Let our event management company in Chennai conceive, create and communicate on behalf of you! One-stop solution for all your event management needs across the nation. One of the best event planners in Bangalore, Maze Events, extends our event management service for exhibitions.
We relieve you of all the pressure, ensuring that you never fall behind in managing your company.

Our team of experts gets to know your business inside and out and manages every aspect of producing a top-notch event. Our expert event planners in Chennai will execute a rich experience for your guests through rigorous planning and efficient communication. We employ a wide range of tools, processes, and an expert team that functions as a single unit. Carefully crafted procedures, guidelines, and planning frameworks.

Exhibitions Management
Exhibitions Management Service Providers
Sports Events Management
Sports Events Management Services
Sports Events Management Service Providers

Sports & CSR Events.

Make each move sportier with our best event planners in Bangalore. We provide skilled "on-field" sports management and have developed wide-ranging and reliable connections with professional clubs nationwide. Additionally, we have established a broad and effective network of connections with many of the most recognizable businesses in the world.

Activating anything from major international sporting events to corporate-specific sporting events is our area of expertise as one of the top sports event management firms. Safe and environment-friendly sports event management services at an affordable price range.

97.6% Customer Satisfaction

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Making events more successful by hiring the best Event Management Company Chennai 

Organizing an event needs proper guidance because it involves several factors to become a success. Maze events and exhibit solutions Pvt Ltd offers event planning and management services for all sizes and types of events in Chennai with highly professional teams. We are the topmost company when it comes to organizing hassle-free events for our clients. Our main objective is to satisfy the needs of clients with innovative ideas and objectives. Whether it is social, business, family, entertainment, sports, or corporate event, we provide methods to conduct them with perfection. 

Planning an event with customized solutions | Event Management Companies in Chennai

Event management requires advanced planning to avoid unwanted problems. We are the best event management company in Chennai that provides customized solutions with qualified managers and coordinators. Our company uses innovates the latest in event management to make them successful. Anyone who wants to organize a wedding, get-together, birthday, charity, promotion, music, conference, meeting, exhibition, or corporate team-building event can hire our services for meeting their essential needs. As a leading company, we have an experience of more than 10 years in event management which specializes in organizing all types of events with excellence.
How our company will help clients in event management?
As the first step, our team of professionals understand the requirements of our clients and their brand guidelines to make the event memorable. We are one of the best event management companies in Chennai that will design a plan which covers every aspect of planning a good event. Additionally, we have a strong and experienced team that adds exceptional value to an event. Since every event is different, we evaluate the requirements of clients to design a program accordingly. Not only that, but our company utilizes modern technologies for events to ensure optimal results. We make sure that an event goes smoothly without any hassles to ensure peace of mind. 

We offer event management services at the best prices | Top 10 Event Management Companies in Chennai

Budget is the major concern of most clients when they want to plan an event. Our company offers different types of packages for events letting individuals and companies select the right one which suits their budget. Furthermore, our company will evaluate the budgets of clients when it comes to event management. We work with various vendors in the markets while providing services to events. Our teams will draft a plan after knowing the budgets of clients. They even help to bring great value to events by addressing the essential needs.

How to book our services? | Corporate Event Management Companies in Chennai

Those who want to handle complications in an event can hire our services. We are, in fact, one of the leading corporate event management companies in Chennai that offers services with high standards. Clients can send their requirements online to us and we will analyse them properly. We will send a proposal to our clients for approval purposes. Our company will negotiate with vendors when clients want to organize an event at estimated costs. All our services will ensure that your guests have a memory for a lifetime. We offer all-in-one solutions to essentially eliminate any hassle for our clients. 

Planning An Event?

Launch your event with Maze, trusted by 100+ Brands. As an award-winning agency, we are consistently challenging ourselves for the betterment. We are your authentic brand.