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10 Must have Trends for Corporate Events in 2024

As a corporate event management company at Maze Events, we’ve seen some truly impressive client expectations and ideas. Some clients want to do more than impress – they want to bring a new portal that should transport their visitors to a whole new world. It’s like they’re asking us to turn their event into a teleporter to a dimension where attendees can Shake hands with holographic unicorns. Have coffee breaks on the moon (with real moon cheese, of course)  

Obviously, kidding aside. We are really impressed by the thoughts and ideas they anticipate accomplishing. Of course, we’re here to make all that happen.   

However, what’s the special thing about our event management company? We do execute your ideas even if you don’t have any! No, we’re not kidding this time.  

As a corporate company, you have something on your mind; we mean the core concept of the event, but you don’t know all the ways available to make that happen. In this case, Maze Events will help you clear your ideas at the first step. 

So, in this blog, let’s find 10 must-have trends in your corporate events in 2023, Um., even 2024…

01 Virtual Conveniences

We can’t really change some things, like the influence of virtual events, especially in India. But there is a point! These events offer a convenient way for attendees to participate from the comfort of their homes or workplaces, reducing the hassle of long commutes and potential exposure to health risks. They ensure broader participation by eliminating geographic limitations, keeping everyone connected and engaged through digital platforms, and fostering a sense of community even when physical presence is not possible.

02 Outdoor Retreats

As safety and well-being take precedence, the trend for outdoor event venues in India gains momentum. These venues, often nestled in scenic locales, provide a safe and airy alternative to indoor spaces. The open-air setting not only minimizes health concerns but also offers attendees a refreshing change of scenery, fostering a sense of tranquillity and relaxation amid nature.

03 Traditional Touch

Corporate events gain a distinctive and unforgettable quality when they incorporate traditional Indian elements. An authentic experience can be provided by including cultural elements like rangoli painting, folk dances, or setting up booths for customary activities like mehndi (henna tattoos). Attendees find resonance in these components, which arouse feelings of pride in their cultural heritage and nostalgia.

04 Wellness Breaks

Highlighting comprehensive well-being will be a key component of business events in India in 2024.
The program schedule will be interspersed with brief wellness workshops that incorporate yoga, meditation, or mindfulness activities. These interludes are intended to revitalize attendees and provide them with strategies for stress management and sustained concentration during the program.

05 Local Cuisine

India’s diverse cuisine is an amazing source of joy and pride. In order to appease the palates of guests, think about providing a wide selection of local cuisine and street food favourites. Savouring these varied cuisines is a cohesive and unforgettable part of the occasion since it not only satisfies the senses but also honours the country’s culinary legacy.

06 Eco Friendly Practices

Corporate gatherings are using eco-friendly methods as sustainability becomes a requirement rather than a fad. This entails recycling, cutting trash, and using biodegradable materials at the event. Attendees who are becoming more aware of their influence on the environment are drawn to practices that demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, such as using reusable silverware and reducing plastic consumption.

07 Interactive Workshops

Including interactive, hands-on seminars is a major trend for 2024. Through leadership development activities, team-building exercises, and arts and crafts sessions, these programs provide participants the chance to pick up new skills. This methodology cultivates proactive involvement, promotes collaboration, and furnishes participants with pragmatic insights that they may implement in their individual and occupational spheres.

08 Entertainment Fusion

The blend of traditional and modern entertainment aspects is a brilliant combination in the spirit of honouring India’s rich cultural legacy while embracing the modern. A classy classical dance performance at the start of the event can be followed by a smooth Bollywood dance-off, offering the ideal fusion of modern energy and cultural authenticity that will appeal to a wide range of palates.

09 Engage with Simplicity

Engaging attendees need not be complicated. Utilize straightforward yet effective strategies such as live Q&A sessions, polls, and surveys to involve participants actively. These simple and accessible tools create a platform for interaction, giving every attendee a voice and ensuring that the event’s content is relevant and engaging.

10 Local Artists and Talents

Corporate events that feature local musicians, artists, and entertainers highlight the depth of India’s cultural variety. The festival instils a true sense of local culture while also supporting the arts community by showcasing domestic talent. The event is authentic and unique because it gives attendees a chance to recognize the talent that exists in their own areas.

 Bottom Line

Hope you have a clear idea about the current, upcoming, and ever-green trends of corporate events. At Maze Events, we’re ready to make your event a way more special and memorable at any cost. Book your corporate event slots with us to get an initial consultation; you’ll definitely be amazed, because you’re at Maze! Contact us now.

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