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50 Must-Read Event Industry Blogs

1. Bizzabo 

The Bizzabo Blog has been listed by Capterra as the number one event planning resource for organizers, let alone the best blog. We publish carefully crafted content multiple times a week in order to keep our readers on the cutting edge. In addition to creating content for event organizers, Bizzabo also built award winning event registration software that allows users to plan all aspects of an event in one place.

Twitter: @Bizzabo

2. Endless Events

For some of the best industry tips and tricks, check out the Endless Entertainment blog. Articles are written to help event planners be better at their jobs, provide them with inspiring event production ideas, and highlight best practices from all over the event planning industry. Articles featured on Endless Entertainment are definitely worth a read.

Twitter: @helloendless

3. BizBash

BizBash is one of our favorite outlets for inspiration! Get creative ideas for your next conference and see what is trendy in the event world while getting the scoop on where and what the leading event professionals are coming up with. 

Twitter: @BizBash

4. Event Manager Blog

This blog is only the holy grail of all things events (no big deal). From event management software reviews to social media, Julius and his team cover all their bases. Plus they always have a fun, new take on event ideas. Don’t miss these posts!

Twitter: @EventMB

5. Event Marketer

Event Marketer’s content tackles all things face-to-face marketing. While their main focuses are the event and trade show industry, they also report on mobile marketing, mall marketing, street events, buzz marketing, and b

Twitter: @EventMarketer

6. Velvet Chainsaw

Our man Jeff Hurt knows what he’s talking about. On his blog, Velvet Chainsaw, he shares noteworthy posts on a regular basis. His ideas are innovative and he always has a fresh take or different perspective on the event industry. We think this blog should be on the top of your must-read list. 

Twitter: @JeffHurt

7. Conferences That Work

This is another great source for tips on how to create memorable events. Adrian Segar, one of our favorite event professionals, writes this blog and we think it is a must-read for first timers and conference planning pros alike. 

Twitter: @ASegar

8. Smart Meetings

Find a Speaker or an event, search a venue, or read tons of industry news. This is a one stop shop for conference planners. They know their stuff and luckily they love to share it! Make sure you take a peek at what they preach. 

Twitter: @SmartMeetings

9. Event Industry News

All the conference news you could possibly want can be found on this blog. If you crave it, they write it. You can find event everything here and it will keep you updated on important industry news and updates.

Twitter: @EventNewsBlog

10. PlannerWire

Event everything! Event professional Keith Johnson brings you event planning, event marketing, and event technology. He is an expert in the conference arena and shares great advice and news. Mark this as a must read ASAP!

Twitter: @PlannerWire

11. MeetingsNet

No matter what industry you are in, MeetingsNet has resources for any professional organizing an event or meeting. From corporate to medical fields, this blog will offer great tips, designs, and planning ideas. A great resource for all!

Twitter: @meetingsnet

12. Gallus Events

Our man William Gallus, a top guy in the event industry, also writes a blog, where he shares the insights and knowledge he has gained over the years. There is always something to learn from his posts, so keep an eye out for his latest stuff. 

Twitter: @GallusEvents\

13. International Meetings Review

From coast to coast, or better yet, continent to continent, this blog will give you the latest event news tailored to anywhere in the world. Find out what is most prevalent in your own backyard, but the grass may actually be greener in your neighboring country. Stay worldly and don’t miss out on this content.

Twitter: @IntMtgsRev

14. Successful Meetings

In addition to hosting a series of great events for event organizers, Successful Meetings regularly covers things that event organizers hold dear. From event venue ideas to reviews of event technology, this is a blog worth checking out if you want to stay up-to-date on industry best practices.

Twitter: @SuccessfulMtgs

15. Plan Your Meetings

This blog has all sorts of helpful resources to aid you in the event planning process such as booking hotels, and getting planning assistance from experts. If you’re a first-time planner, or need some assistance along the way, turn to Plan Your Meetings for ideas and helpful hints!

Twitter: @PlanYrMeetings

Experiential & Activation Blogs

Source: Because Creative Experiences

16. Because Creative Experiences

Because Creative Experiences has won awards for its articles on events and event planning from all over the world. You can sort their catalogue of resources based on country or industry, which is especially helpful if you’re planning an event at an international location you haven’t used before! 

Twitter: @becauseexm

17. Creative Guerrilla Marketing

Creative Guerrilla Marketing is your one stop shop for all things guerrilla marketing. They report on real world event examples, breaking down viral ads and explaining exactly how they did it and why it worked. 

Twitter: @CGuerillaMBlog

18. Social Exposure

Social Exposure’s got you covered for all things related to and about experiential marketing. Their latest articles cover topics like how to host a brand activation event and how to measure its success. 

Facebook: Social Exposure AU

19. Ad Age

If you’re looking for inspirational experiential marketing examples and in-depth thought pieces on this in-person marketing channel, AdAge has plenty of resources for you to sort through.

Twitter: @AdAge

20. Jawbone

Jawbone digs deep into brand activations and their relationship to human behavior, sales, and more. They feature some of their own events and do a good job of breaking down the event planning process from A to Z. 

Twitter: @Jawbone

21. Tigris Events Inc. 

Tigris Events Inc. created this blog to help marketers increase profits at a much faster pace than before. They break down event costs, best events by city, and event planning details like trade show booth design. 

Twitter: @TigrisEventsInc

Marketing & Growth Blogs

Source: HubSpot

22. HubSpot

HubSpot is the go-to resource for marketing of all shapes and sizes. In addition to the blog, HubSpot offers eBooks, free courses, and free software for sales and marketing. 

Twitter: @HubSpot

23. Drift 

Drift helps marketers learn from the people who have been there and done that. Their leadership series features guests from known brands talking about how they made their company successful. 

Twitter: @Drift

24. Radius

Radius calls itself the Revenue Blog because their main mission is to help marketers use their events to drive the bottom line. They focus a lot on data-backed marketing techniques. 

Twitter: @radius

25. PostFunnel

Created by Optimove, PostFunnel brings strategy, analysis, and insights into the marketing and growth conversation. Optimizing Facebook ads and navigating eCommerce on Instagram are just some of the topics they get into to. 

Twitter: @PostFunnel

26. Unbounce

Unbounce focuses on digital marketing and all the ways you can improve it. They answer specific questions about increasing landing page speed and which designs best convert your audience into paying customers. 

Twitter: @unbounce

27. Orbit Media

Orbit Media is all about driving results through standard marketing practices. They even have a bi-weekly email newsletter with their latest tips that over 16,000 people are subscribed to. 

Twitter: @orbiteers

28. Moz

Moz is another great resource for those of us who would love to pick the brains of the industry’s best and brightest. They also get into tech heavy subjects like GTM cookie tracking and using domain authority for SEO. 

Twitter: @Moz

29. Smarp

Need help leveling up your internal marketing and boosting employee engagement? Smarp is for you. Their resources cover social selling, success stories, and more. 

Twitter: @BeSmarp

30. Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute covers this topic for all levels of marketing experience. Brand trust and back-linking strategy are just a few of the topics you’ll find on this blog. 

Twitter: @CMIContent

Event Technology Blogs

Source: Corbin Ball 

31. Corbin Ball 

Corbin Ball’s long-running blog has information on tradeshow and meeting planning as well as the latest in event tech. He also has a quarterly newsletter and other interesting bonus content. 

Twitter: @corbinball

32. Event Tech Live 

Event Tech Live is itself an actual event. But the News section of their website hosts a number of blogs about running successful B2B events with the help of tools like live streaming.

Twitter: @eventtechlive

33. MarTech 

As you can probably tell from the name, MarTech’s whole mission is to discuss and assess marketing technology. They publish multiple articles every day so you’ll always have something to look forward to when you check back on the site. 

Twitter: @MarTechConf

34. G2Crowd

G2Crowd is a good place to find info on things like data protection and digital platform trends. Since they’re also a software review blog, their section on free digital marketing tools is not to be missed.  

Twitter: @G2Crowd

35. Slido

Slido mainly covers tech for conferences, meetings, and presentations. They also have a lot of tips around company culture as well as the nuts and bolts of running successful B2B events. 

Twitter: @Slidoapp

36. Meeting Pool

Talks of event apps, social media, tech, and so much more can be found on this site. Dahlia El Gazzar and Tara Thomas, two veteran event planners also curate great content from other relevant sources as well, providing you with everything an event organizer needs.

Twitter: @MeetingPool

37. Techsytalk

One of our fave event profs is the creator of this awesome blog. Liz King kills it with content that includes great event planning and technology tips and news. They are quick, digestible articles, and always very shareable. We can’t go without our daily dose of Techsytalk.

Twitter: @lizkingevents

Hospitality & Incentive Travel Blogs

Source: Skift

38. Skift 

Skift is a future-focused blog dedicated to travel news, research, and the latest and greatest in related events. They also take a deep dive into corporate travel and startup brands. 

Twitter: @skift

39. MICE Blog

The MICE Blog, run by full-time international blogger Irina Graf, is dedicated to helping corporate event planners from all over the world. She includes a number of helpful case studies and information on planning events in major cities all around the globe. 

Twitter: @themiceblog

40. Oracle – Hospitality Blog

This Oracle blog is a great way to find out what’s going on in the hospitality and event tech worlds. They showcase events like hackathons and go into detail about the latest property management systems. 

Twitter: @OracleHosp

41. Amadeus Hospitality 

The Amadeus Hospitality Insight blog has a wealth of real world case studies, infographics, and event trends to share. They also have a heavy focus on sales. 

Twitter: @amadeushosp

Event Association Blogs


42. PCMA

The Professional Convention Management Association has a pretty cool blog! It is called Convene and is full of event-dedicated gems to educate and expand your mind. They have some very rich and valuable content, so check this joint out!

Twitter: @pcmahq

43. MPI

MPI stands for Meeting Professionals International and the name really says it all. They offer valuable networking opportunities for members all around the world. 

Twitter: @MPI

44. NACE 

The National Association for Catering and Events has great member resources on their blog. Consider joining if you’re looking to be a part of a community for catering and event professionals. 

Twitter: @NACEOrg

45. CEMA 

The Corporate Event Marketing Association is great for senior-level professionals looking to create relationships with their peers. They offer events that heavily focus on career development and educational networking. 

Twitter: @cemaonline

Event Agency Blogs

Source: The Halo Group

46. The Halo Group

The Halo Group is a London-based team of project managers, event producers, designers, fabricators, craftspeople, and temporary structure specialists. Their projects and latest news sections of the website offer a fresh perspective on the industry as a whole through the lens of their own projects. 

Twitter: @TheHaloGroup

47. Banks Sadler 

Banks Sadler focuses on event management. From venue searching to event execution, they’ve covered all the bases. They particularly focus on cities like New York, London, Paris, and York. 

Twitter: @Banks_Sadler

48. Octagon

Octagon focuses on sports marketing but their blog also provides tips for experiential marketing, PR, and leadership that can apply to most other industries. You’ll also find info on sports industry predictions and talent representation here. 

Twitter: @Octagon


AGENCY AE, a full-service brand experience agency, has a lot to share about the latest event trends, experiential marketing theory, and tips they’ve learned from working  their very own projects. They also publish original studies which are definitely worth at least a glance. 

Twitter: @agencyae

50. Sparks

Sparks is a global brand experience agency. Their blog covers event planning from A to Z. Expect to find frequently updated articles on topics like things like event strategy, trade show booth trends, and more. 

Twitter: @poweredbysparks

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published April 14, 2014 and has since been updated.

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