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Creative Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas – Focusing on Culture, Networking and Fun

Corporate event planners are prepared to organize corporate events that will be remembered for a long time when businesses implement their back-to-office strategy. But you also need an amazing agenda, memorable entertainment, and speakers who make an effect.
The entertainment you choose for your event, whether it’s in-person, hybrid, or virtual, can make all the difference in the guests’ experience. Employees will be slacking about the occasion for weeks or months if your entertainment is a hit.
For corporate gatherings of all shapes, sizes, and styles, we have put together a list of entertainment suggestions. Long after your event is done, we can assure you that your guests will be talking about these creative ideas for entertainment! Which one will you select?

Maze Events’ Tips for Planning Corporate Event Entertainment

Whether your target audience is limited to employees or includes customers, partners, shareholders, and your board, it’s important to strike a balance between budget and WOW factor while keeping in mind the current global financial challenges. Corporate events can take many different forms, from conferences and product launches to corporate training gatherings and annual meetings.

Prioritize Crafting Unforgettable Event Experiences

Experiences are more important than ever in the world in which we live. Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business discovered that regardless of whether satisfaction is measured before, during, or after the purchase or experience, consumers are happier with experiential purchases than material ones. According to researchers, this is probably because material objects lose value over time whereas experiences remain in people’s memory.
Create memories that your guests will cherish long after the event. Learn about the events that resonate with your participants so that you can tailor your corporate entertainment accordingly.
Pay Attention to the Budget
It might be costly to enjoy yourself. To commence the preparation of your business event, determine the event’s format and create a comprehensive budget that accounts for all entertainment expenses. In order to avoid surprises later on, when you first start looking into entertainers, ask for a thorough breakdown of the expenses, including any additional materials they might require.
A live band, for instance, could require a stage, lighting, personnel, and certain kinds of sound equipment. A team organizing a drone show will require a certain quantity of room, lighting, sound, and other amenities. When scheduling your event’s entertainment, always ensure you are getting what is included—the artist only occasionally supplies more supporting cast members.
Put Your Audience First
Think about your audience when organizing the entertainment for your event. Prior to scheduling the entertainment, find out what they are doing and who the target audience is. One of the best ways to find out what your attendees want is to send out pre-event questionnaires and look through the statistics in your event software for past events.
Having your participants sit through an hour-long performance is the last thing they want to do if they are going to be in breakout sessions all day. Something more mobile-friendly and interactive will work better in this situation.

Choose the Best Corporate Entertainment & Fun to Plan Out for Your Next!

Picture Booth to Boost Social Media Shares
The ideal accents to any event are giant selfie mirrors, Polaroid spots, and photo booths. They are excellent souvenirs with an event’s branding, and they also promote social sharing on LinkedIn and other websites. Create a personalized picture frame that features the branding, logo, or special hashtag of your event to be used in pictures. After that, tell guests to use the hashtag for your event when posting pictures on social media.
An Escape Room
Since escape rooms are the pinnacle of team building, they’ve shown to be durable and ideal for corporate gatherings. Escape rooms call for teamwork, unconventional thinking, and imaginative problem-solving. There are escape rooms designed specifically for business events, whether you are hosting 25 or 1,000 guests. In addition, in addition to traditional in-person escape rooms, there are now virtual and hybrid escape rooms that come to your event and create an experience there, all thanks to the pandemic.
Go with Augmented Reality
AR, or augmented reality, is becoming more and more popular, especially among people who are hesitant to fully immerse themselves in virtual reality. It may provide your guests with an unforgettable experience. Large companies like IKEA, Amazon, and Target use augmented reality (AR), which was made popular by games like Pokémon Go and social media apps like Snapchat, to help customers see things in their locations. However, your next business function can also benefit from amusing augmented reality encounters.
Create an augmented reality scavenger hunt or treasure hunt with incentives for the participants who gather the most points or things to add excitement and a level of engagement that you won’t get from simply having them sit the entire time.
Have a Paint and Sip Party to be Creative.
Allow visitors to congregate and produce their own artwork while sipping their preferred beverage. Hire a local artist to lead the group through the process step-by-step so that even people who have never painted before can produce a lovely artwork to take home. You may even incorporate a charitable aspect into the occasion by painting cards for a non-profit organization, a nearby hospital, or a nursing home.
Play Games that are Quick-fire to Create a Pleasant Competition
Ten-minute games and activities are perfect for business gatherings since they maintain a high level of enthusiasm! Let the fearless participants vie for a team trophy, awards, or bragging rights. Do you need inspiration? Some games for a company picnic are as follows:
  • Sketch or paint the ideal corporate logo.
  • Decorate the most delicious cookie, cake, or cupcake.
  • Create the finest cocktail or mocktail possible.
  • Play a boisterous game of charades.
  • Use a Pictionary to showcase your artistic abilities.
  • For an outdoor scavenger hunt, conceal clues.
  • Organize a horseshoe, ring toss, or bag toss competition.
  • Divide into groups to participate in a relay race.

We hope that these suggestions for corporate event entertainment will help you organize your upcoming company gathering. A summary of some of the lessons we’ve discussed is provided below:

Think about the desires of your audience. Utilize pre-event surveys to verify the entertainment you’ve chosen.
Ultimately, the entertainment you provide should align with your event’s identity and objectives.
Remember to budget for your event. What is the estimated cost of entertainment? Exist any unstated costs? Are you able to compromise? Otherwise contact Maze Events to make your corporate event much more eventful and fun within your budget and time.