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Entertainment For Corporates & Conferences

What makes a Corporate event unforgettable? How can the attendees be kept excited and engaged? Corporations and Companies are ready to spend more to ensure the success of the event. The event needs high-quality corporate entertainment, including a trade show, company retreat, product launch, or conference.
Yes, Corporate events don’t have to follow the same old script. If you are the mastermind behind this large event, you know that your guests are not just looking forward to the event—they want an adventure!
As an event planner, you must plan your mission to make your event extraordinaire with a whirlwind of excitement. You are not only hosting a gathering, but you are also crafting an experience for your corporation or company. This experience should be remembered even after the confetti has settled and the lights have dimmed.
Your Trusted Corporate Events and Experience planner, MAZE, has endless choices for entertainment for your corporate events. From engaging keynote speakers and live performances to thrilling interactive games and unexpected surprises, we have the best packages for your corporate events and conferences. MAZE shares their most wanted entertainment packages in this blog just for you.

Creative Corporate Entertainment ideas

So, here is the list of Corporate Entertainment ideas for your Upcoming Event-

1. Photo Booth

Photo Booths are the evergreen entertainment zone that pops up in everyone’s mind when they think of conferences and company retreats. Polaroid spots, photo booths, and jumbo selfie mirrors are often the preferred choice of attendees and event organizers. Create a custom photo booth with the event’s logo and a unique hashtag. It will help increase social sharing and engage attendees to spread the word about the conference and the event. Photobooths are the event-branded keepsakes.

2. Virtual Reality Games

Virtual reality is the hottest entertainment game for conferences and seminars. Losing the stress of the day is a new world of fun. VR is the best choice to entertain, educate, and engage your audience. VR games encourage the attendees to actively participate and socially interact with others in the event. They also enhance team-building activities like solving puzzles together, competing in virtual sports tournaments, and exploring virtual landscapes together. They have undoubtedly become an indispensable tool for corporate events.

3. Talent Shows

Talent shows are often seen as an opportunity to boost employee team-building. Organizing a talent show for corporate events can be overwhelming for the company, but with the right organizer, it is a fun activity. Preparing the stage and audiovisual equipment, establishing guidelines, and developing the criteria for participation fosters team-building and coordination among the employees. Talent shows are free advertising for the company. If you are looking for a hike in social media follower count, add a talent show to your corporate event.

4. Magician Shows

Want to wow a big crowd? Book a magician. With mind-blowing card tricks, mind-bending illusions, and friendly vibes, they turn the corporate gathering into a super exciting event. The magic that happens right before their eyes leaves the attendees spellbound. This gets people talking, laughing, and leaving the crowd amused. So, if you are planning a conference, trade show, or any corporate event, try this magic!!! You will never be disappointed.

5. Live Music

Live music melodiously sets the perfect vibe for a party. It elevates your ordinary corporate event into an extraordinary premiere. The real zeal of the party is the undeniable energy set by the live music. Live music adds a personal touch to corporate events that cannot be shared through recorded tracks.
Live music is raw talent; the subtle nuances and interesting interactions between the musicians and the audiences make it so special. You can differ your preferences and themes in live music.

6. Corporate Comedian

Have you ever wondered why a comedy show is preferred in corporate events and tradeshows? A good laugh, Indeed. Attendees can take a break from the presentations, training sessions and the seriousness of meetings with a good laugh. Corporate comedians tailor their jokes and routines to be suitable for the corporate sectors and ensure that the laughter therapy matches the event’s agenda. They poke fun at industry trends, office life and the quirky concepts of corporates in a hilarious yet respectful way. Let your guard down for the day, sit back and enjoy the comedy show. Stand-up comedy shows are the source of non-stop comedy.

7. Living Statues

Living statues are performers who make themselves and pose as statues or mannequins. They share a surprise load of noise and lighten the party. When the living statues move, they create a buzz among the attendees, and smiles will roar through the venue. It creates memories with the guests and holds a camera ready to record the team’s reactions. It is trending now in 2024.

8. Celebrity Impersonations

Hike up your party with celebrity impersonators. Select the celebrity impersonators based on the attendees’ demographics and brand image. They bring star power to the event and make it an unforgettable experience. These impersonators not only entertain but also engage attendees with fun. They add a unique flavour to the corporate event and have a story to tell on social media.

9. Body and Face Painting

Body and face painting is one of the most wanted interactive entertainment zones for corporate events. It brings colours to the occasion. Create one or more artistic stations to attract attendees eager to paint themselves with intricate designs, company logos, and fun themes. Body and face painting create fantastic photo opportunities, are perfect for social media sharing, and enhance the event’s online visibility. Break the ice with Painting!!!!

No More Yawns! MAZE Makes Your Corporate Event, the Talk of the Town

With the perfect Corporate Event Partner, your event will be the talk of the corporate world for years to come. We infuse your event with entertainment and memorable activities between the sessions, panels, and speakers to create your agenda and keep your guests hooked to the seats. Our events have a positive score of 91% audience satisfaction.
Entertainment can often make or break corporate events, so you need to take extra care when hiring an event planner. The right planner will understand your brand, vision, and audience and ensure that every element aligns perfectly. Let the perfect Corporate Event Planner take care of all your worries.