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Trends to Look Out for in the Event Industry in 2024

Let’s take a rewind back in 2023, it has been a year of possibilities, learning, and adapting to new things. What happened? AI happened. Opening doors to newfound strength and endless possibilities. If you’re wondering what that means for the event management industry, a lot for starters. It has made the process easy and efficient. Given the fad for AI, there are also a few more things to look out for in 2024. Augmented Reality where virtual events become a reality, sustainability practices where eco-friendly culture blooms, and health and safety measures where attendees’ well-being becomes prominent. Let’s see how event management companies can adapt to these trends and how we at Maze Events getting ready for these changes in 2024.

AI: The Tech-Savvy Party Planner for Effortless Events

Juggling spreadsheets and chasing RSVPs can be tiring. That’s why AI is stepping onto the event stage, not as a spotlight-stealing headliner, but as the silent, tech-savvy party planner who ensures everyone has a blast. How? It’s a tireless assistant always available to help your attendees. Whether it’s finding the nearest restroom or suggesting the next must-see session, AI-powered chatbots are doing just that. It can handle registration, provide personalized recommendations, and resolve issues at lightning speed.
A study by Juniper Research found that by 2026, chatbots will save the events industry a staggering $8 billion in customer service costs. Engaging everyone is always a complex task in events. Personalization is becoming a hectic job. The one-size-fits-all method is getting old and people need you-size-fits-you. AI analyzes attendees’ interests and preferences and crafts a personalized event experience.
Can you imagine a conference where the app suggests talks that align with your career goals, and connects you with likeminded people for networking? Well, it’s becoming a reality.
A report by PwC estimates that AI can save event organizers up to 30% on operational costs as AI streamlines event logistics, optimizing venue selection, vendor sourcing, and resource allocation. Also, AI changes guesswork to guarantee success. It analyzes past event data, attendee behaviour, and real-time feedback to predict participation, optimize ticket pricing, and even personalize content.

Maze Events: Where Personalization Meets Expertise for Unforgettable Experiences

Staying ahead with the technological advancements in the industry has always been the Maze Events way. For AI integration, we collaborate with AI specialists to customize solutions to specific event needs. With this approach, we ensure seamless integration from pre-event planning to post-event analytics. The result? An event experience that not only meets but exceeds attendees’ expectations.

Unleashing Reality: How AR is Transforming Events

Imagine stepping onto a conference floor and having 3D product demos materialize in your hand, or historical figures come alive sharing their stories in the very rooms they once stood. This is how Augmented Reality (AR) is blurring the lines between digital and physical.
Technavio’s recent study predicts AR market in the event industry might reach a whopping $3.3 billion by 2025. That’s no surprise when you consider the possibilities. For instance, if you’re launching a new furniture line, a 3D product demo of AR can overlay it onto your space, letting you virtually test and visualize.
Entertain your attendees by taking them to ancient Rome, chariot races, and more. Creating interactive sessions in events will be efficient with AR is efficient where attendees scan objects to trigger 3D animations and play AR games. It isn’t just for entertainment. Doctors are using AR to dissect organs during medical conferences, and architects are visualizing building plans in real time on the construction site. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are undeniable.

Maze Events: Redefining Reality - Unforgettable Events Powered by AR

Every Maze event gets feedback saying, “amazing” and we are more into wowing the audience with AR now. Incorporating the AR tech in the events already and forerunning in the industry is our thing. Maze understands AR is more than just a trend, it’s a powerful tool to captivate and connect audiences like never before.

Maze Events: Sustainable Strategies - Beyond Zero Waste, Beyond Expectations

Not a trend. Period. We are talking about sustainability practices in the events. It’s a rooted force taking over the extravaganza practices. This isn’t just a feel-good movement; it’s a strategic shift, driven by conscious choices and innovative solutions. By choosing digital ticketing systems, events can eliminate paper waste, save trees, and reduce wastage.
Going for locally sourced ingredients not only supports nearby farmers but also cuts down on transportation emissions. It’s a win-win for the planet and the community.
Don’t think of sustainability practices as a way of saying no to some practices, it’s a way to innovation. Instead of going for non-reusable and waste-generating decorations, adapt to upcycled materials to adorn the event space, it can be great conversation starters. Implement zero-waste bars serving up cocktails in reusable glasses, avoiding single-use plastic.
Sustainability is an opportunity for creativity and resourcefulness, inspiring attendees to a positive change.

Maze Events: Leading the Green Charge - Sustainable Events are the New Standard

A recent study by the Green Meetings Industry Council revealed that 72% of event planners prioritize sustainability. And we are one of the proud bearers of the practices. We understand it isn’t just a box to tick, that’s why we try to turn every event into a green event. We partner with eco-conscious vendors and suppliers, like-minded people likely to create changes faster. Our team is always about innovating more green event hacks. That’s why we pledge our commitment to sustainability and inspire the industry down this path.
Maze Events: Where Safety Meets Comfort - Creating Secure and Inclusive

After the global pandemic, the fear of going in a crowd is still immense. People are putting their health and safety forefront before enjoyment and entertainment. That’s why event management takes a prominent role in prioritizing attendees’ health before anything.

Event management companies should not only select a beautiful venue but ensure its hygienic and implement deep cleaning before the event. opt for contactless and social distancing registration and networking to effectively manage the crowd and always keep the safety tab in check.

To go beyond the ordinary, think about mental health resources readily available, offering attendees a safe space to de-stress and recharge.

It’s not just about preventing accidents; it’s about nurturing the emotional and physical well-being of everyone involved. The measures also include diverse food options catering to dietary restrictions and allergies, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and nourished.

Maze Events: Where Trends Meet Trust - Crafting Events that Amaze You
The Maze Events are a fortress of well-being on any given day. We collaborate with health experts and authorities to ensure our protocols align with the latest guidelines. We do not keep the first aid kit ready but choose a holistic approach to well-being by staying proactive and adaptable. End of the day, the event management industry is ever-growing. The mission is to create a wonderful event that everyone enjoys while minding the cost, eco-friendliness, and well-being of the people. These new trends for 2024 are just doing that. Are you planning for an event next year? If yes, then opt for someone who stays ahead with the trends who can aMAZE you.